3 Cool Examples on How to Market with Visual Content

Issa Asad ContentMarketing experts agree; in order to really get your customers’ attention, you need to appeal to them via storytelling. “Visual content is the best example for storytelling,” said Issa Asad, a social media expert and entrepreneur from Florida. Mr. Asad is the author of 4¬†social media marketing e-books, including¬†Instant Profits with Snapchat. He is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings located in South Florida.

Here are 3 cool examples on how to market with visual content.

1. Give Discounts and Prizes

Social media is like a bargaining field. You have to trade promotions and discounts for people visiting your channel, liking your products, or sharing the site. Surveys show that 79% of users only like a company’s page in Facebook because of the discounts or presents accrued from that action. You must create a channel that makes it easy for consumers to engage others online and offline. Create a personal touch with your clients by thanking those who participate in your promotions. This way, they feel that they are important members of the company and willingly share the attributes of its products.

The ‘G Challenges campaign’ by Gatorade created a contest where customers would film AFL footy challenges and share and tag them over a six weeks period. In return, the company would republish a selected number of these entries and the winners would be given prices. This has resulted in a positive vibe among Gatorade’s customers and the AFL is now an online ambassador.

2. Recognizing Brand Ambassadors is a Key Motivator

One of the reasons for people having a constant online presence is to gain recognition. If the “15 minutes of fame” for Brand Ambassadors come from your recognition, they will be grateful forever and there is no better way to show you than continue sharing your products page with their friends. By validating their efforts, you are reminding them that their efforts do not go to waste. They also create a closer relationship with the brand knowing that they are not “any other” consumer. They will take it as a personal challenge to make your company more famous for them to also become more famous.

New Zealand fashion retailer Superette ran a Superstyle campaign as a way of recognizing its Brand Ambassadors. Using the hashtag #superstyle, the company’s followers were able to add their pictures to an online gallery on the company’s website. The company has framed the campaign as something that will always be happening. They will be collecting any visually stunning content and posting it on their website. The upgrade of a customer to a Brand Ambassador may seem minor but it has the potential of creating a large pool of committed consumers who feel valued.

3. Choose the Best Platform for Your Products

Sometime back, Facebook was unrivaled as the best social media platform for creation of a large number of followers and potential consumers. However, things have changed and people are moving into new social platforms. This makes the creation of a website that has content generated by users an incredible way of generating traffic towards your site. The visitors are also kept glued to the stories presented by their friends.

You can do what Jucy World did. The company started collecting direct uploads and hashtags for its website where people would share different experiences with Jucy. People uploaded great images of Jucy World from all angles. This content is channeled through Jucy’s e-commerce pages and official channel.

With the changes in media outlets and preferences for the potential clients, all that is required is selection of a channel that guarantees a large number of followers. Some of them eventually become Brand Ambassadors for the company. Therefore, be creative and select a platform that has a high number of users to increase the possibility of moving a viewer to the level “online ambassador”.

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