Get Followers with Giveaways

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Get followers with Giveaways

It can sometimes be hard to draw in new followers to a social media platform, especially if they are already following your business on others. So, what can you do as a business owner in order to draw them in, keep them happy and keep them as a loyal follower to your business? In these three sections of the “Get followers with Giveaways” chapter of the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Snapchat, you will learn how to give customers something, how to keep your followers happy and how to draw in new followers via the use of giveaways to those who are new to your social sharing sites.

1. You have to give back

As a business, you simply can’t ask people to do things for you; it is important that there is an incentive and that there is something in it for them as well. If you are only asking, but don’t give back, you are never going to keep people following, nor are you going to draw in new followers to come on to the site. So, you have to show your appreciation, and you have to give them something in return for them following you on the social platforms online.

2. Make them memorable

Make the giveaways memorable. Say you will give out five new products for the new people who are following. Making it somewhat of a competition, and having people show why they deserve it over another follower is a good way to get people excited for the giveaway, and it is also a good way to ensure you are going to draw in the most people when the time comes for you to give the item away to the winners of the challenge you are hosting.

3. Make them frequent

Like the coupons and codes, you want to give back to those who are following you as well as those who are loyal to your business. So, do not just do one giveaway annually; rather, make one every month or every couple of months, and make sure they are worth while. Why would new followers come in, and why would others stay on your site if they are not rewarded for it? This is your chance to reward, show your appreciation and to give one or a few of your followers something great for following you on the different platforms your business is on.

With many different platforms, and with so many places for people to follow your business online, why should they add one more to the list? If you give them a reason and if you make it good, you will find far more people are willing to follow you and will remain loyal to your business in the long run as well. So, as a business owner, you do want to take advantage of the ways in which you can give back and the different ways in which you are going to be able to show your followers you are grateful that they stick behind your business.

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