Give Customers a Behind the Scenes Look

behind teh scenes snapchat

Give customers a behind the scenes look

Like Vine, and other platforms, Snapchat is a fun way to show what goes on behind the scenes; why not show them something really special on the social media site? Since the videos and images are only going to last for up to one day (and a few seconds), you have to make what you are sharing count. These are three sections from the “Give Customers a Behind the Scenes Look” chapter from the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Snapchat, to help you share the right content that will show your customers a special look into your company.

1. Make it fun

You don’t want to show your employees working at a desk; rather share fun images at work, share video content of something groundbreaking and only share content that is of value to your followers. You want to show you are a fun company, and one that keeps on top of things. Using this platform is a great way for you to share more, and also to show your followers what really does go on behind the scenes of your business as well.

2. Showcase everyone

Again, you don’t want to simply share images or video content of the big names and managers; rather, you want to show the people who work behind the scenes, and the ones who really make the products great for your customers. So, you want to share content of your employees, and the people who really do the work to keep your business running. Not only does it make your business appear more human, it is also going to make your customers feel more connected to the people who are doing the work for them as well.

3. Use both options

You want to share the images on Snapchat, but you also want to use the video for information or for things you are sharing that are more important. As images only last a few seconds, you can share these more often. When you do choose to use the video share feature, make it something that is a bit more interesting and something that is of value, as more people are going to be able to see it since it is going to remain on your account for a period of up to one day, rather than for a few seconds like your images being shared.

With many different ways to connect with your followers, this is an easy one that allows you to show them what is going on behind the scenes and what it takes to put the products they are buying together. You not only want to showcase the product, but also the people who are doing the work and are putting these things together. It is an easy way to share something new with your followers, to show them what goes on that they can’t see and to make them feel more of a connection with your business as well when they see the faces that are doing the hard work.

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