How Issa Asad Uses Snapchat for Marketing

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Snapchat is short and quick. Posts are available for a few seconds and then they disappear. Yes, this does create a sense of urgency, but at the same time it can mean you are losing out on an audience if they are not seeing the posts that you place on your account. What can you do to get them excited and to ensure they see what is going on? These are three ways that explains how Issa Asad uses Snapchat for marketing.

Who is Issa Asad? He is the owner of “Issa Asad Snapchat” and an entrepreneur with experience in the Miami, Florida area since 1996. He is a social media expert and a bestselling author of four e-books, including Issa Asad Instant Profits with Snapchat. Issa Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC, based out of Dania, Florida.

A lot of times marketers take inspiration from others in their industry. So, it is only natural for us to be curious about how Issa Asad uses Snapchat for marketing. We caught up with him recently and got his three favorite ways to use Snapchat for his marketing purposes. Read on to learn more…

1. Issa Asked Followers to Connect

“When looking for an intern, Snapchat was a great way to garner interest and to get people interested,” said Issa Asad. Since people are always looking for new employment opportunities, it is not hard to get them to follow you when you are giving them a golden opportunity to reach you.

With the use of Snapchat, Asad found it was easier to reach out to a broader audience, to gain more attention and to gain the right attention. When people know there is something in it for them, and when people see they are going to get something in return, they are far more likely to respond to a request. So, using the site is a great way to reach out, to find the right people and also to fill a void if there is a need within your organization or your business for new help, or for fresh faces to come in. “Snapchat can go beyond capturing an audience,” said Asad. “It can really arrest someone’s interest.”

2. Issa Gave a Behind-the-Scenes Look

There are many things that go on behind the scenes with many different businesses. People want to see this. Whether it is a meeting, bringing in a new employee, coming up with a new business idea or concept or the beginning phases of product development, people want to see it. Why not show it to them, and what better way to do so than with the use of Snapchat? “Not only is it an easy way to give them a look at what is going on behind the scenes, but it is also a way to show them things they would never see if it were not for the snaps that were being shared,” said Issa Asad.

Snapchat is going to give your followers a closer look at the business, it will connect them and your audience is going to feel in tune with your business and what they are seeing when you opt to take this route in sharing content with them.

3. Issa Used Celebrities

Celebrity endorsement is one of the easiest ways to get people to watch things, and to follow you on the sites you want them to follow. Sure, not every company can hire the latest and hottest celebrity, but this doesn’t mean there are not certain celebrities who wouldn’t do the work for less money.Even if it’s a few short second clips, the right person is going to help you gain the recognition and the following you would not gain if it were not for the name. And, the celebrity does not have to be the most popular. Simply finding someone who is related to your business, to the type of product you sell and to your audience is an easy way to gain more recognition, and to draw people to visit you on your social media platforms. Using creativity, and the right person is the easiest way to draw them in, to gain their interest and to get people interested in what you are trying to sell to them.


There is no sure fire way to gain the attention and to get your audience excited about a product. But, the use of social media sites like Snapchat, along with the right message, the right medium and the right people, are all going to make it far easier on you as a business to gain that recognition and to draw your audience in to what you are trying to sell to them. These are a few simple ideas for businesses to look at, and a few of the easier methods in which they can turn to when it comes to trying to relate, and trying to use the social media sites to connect to their audience in the right way.

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