Issa Asad Gives 4 Ways Influencers Use AI to Increase Followers

issa asad artificial intelligence

Issa Asad Gives 4 Ways Influencers Use AI to Increase Followers

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

In the current world, social influencers are using Artificial Intelligence(AI) to increase followers. There are more than 31.25 million posts on Facebook every minute, over 95 million posts on Instagram and over 6000 tweets every second; this shows how social media is active in the world.

Social influencers use big data analysis to present important information to their industries. They mostly focus on fashion, tech, business, fitness and beauty to increase followers. The use of AI has helped social marketing by increasing your conversion rate in social media.

“AI is a very important science as it makes the machine operate like they have some human intelligence,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Some of the AI tasks include language translations, understanding languages, ability to recognize images and making of decisions.

The social media influencers use a good understanding, implementing of AI as well as machine learning to guarantee their success. The solutions equip the influencer with good knowledge of their audience, the competitor and the type of contents which will inspire your audience to get involved in your work hence increasing the followers.

Here, Issa Asad Gives 4 Ways Influencers Use AI to Increase Followers:

1. Social Listening and Monitor Tools

Using social listening or monitoring tools helps in boosting social marketing. The social monitoring involves seeing what clients say about your product while social listening captures the conversations about a particular brand or words and the leverage that information to get new opportunities as well as creating specialized content directed to specific clients. The two abilities are powerful to interact with audiences. Some social monitoring like Mention or Sprout track and report insights whenever a relevant talk is made.

2. Competitor Analysis

The social influencers use the AI’s ability in scraping and analyzing a lot of data which is set for tracking and analyzing their competitors. Using the AI, you can easily analyze your competitors like your pages. This equips you with enough knowledge and techniques to use to outdo your social media competitors. The tools perform social listening, proper analysis of factors that bring about differences like color, keywords, content type and visual objects.

3. Content Optimization

After you understand your audience, the nature of the industry, and how powerful or weak your competitor’s are, It’s good to plan and develop the relevant and best content ideas. To achieve this, machine learning software or AI will help you in getting the best mix of images, text or videos in order to diversify or maintain an entertained audience. Machine learning will implement a deep data analysis to help you in accessing which content performs better.

4. Content Creation

With the current technology, the AI is being designed to help in giving an automatic response to messages in all social platforms; this will completely automate content like news headlines, earnings reports, interview and webinar transcriptions. If the contents can’t be fully automated, then certain tools will make the content creation more comfortable and faster. Content creation tools will access your page and the competitors too for you to understand which content is suitable to your audience. The tools show you which keywords, colors, hashtags and objects are very inspiring to your audience hence increasing your followers.

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