Issa Asad: Here’s How to Combat a Marketing Plan Backfire

Issa Asad Marketing Plan

Issa Asad: Here’s How to Combat a Marketing Plan Backfire

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Anybody would agree that content marketing has become an important business aspect, perhaps if you intend to improve your online reputation, maximize your online presence and even increase your rankings in different search engines. However, at the same time, content marketing never provides a shortcut to impressive results and it also not a surety that things will turn out as expected.

“If not handled with care and with all the attentions it deserves, content marketing can potentially backfire significantly, subjecting you to a relatively lower organic search rankings, a bad reputation, and above all, you would have wasted the most valuable resources on earth, of time and money,” advised Issa Asad Florida content marketing guru, businessman, and CEO since 1996. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida.

If you are such an individual who’ve experienced such a scenario before, worry less, as we present, Issa Asad: Here’s how to combat a marketing plan backfire.

1. Misleading Content

Content that is inaccurate can have adverse effects, even if it has more details. In most occasions, these misleading details are as a result of deliberate attempts to deceive the public and may include the prospect of inventing unreliable statistics for the whole purpose of positively convincing the audience. Mostly, they can attribute to the writer’s laziness, who might not care about fact-checking each and every claim and only proceeds to publish a false article.

If you didn’t know, the public, apart from being highly sensitive, is additionally naturally disrespectful. If you provide the reader the opportunity to question the credibility of one of your contents, that particular user might end up distrusting nearly all of your articles. This implies that as a content marketer, you have sole responsibility to ensure the credibility of your articles. Shortcuts can ruin your reputation seriously.

2. Over Saturation

This has become a multifaceted issue in the world of content marketing. There exists perhaps a general idea of over-saturation, which relates to the fact that there is too much similar content circulation for a particular content to stand out. Additionally, there is over-saturation relating to industry forms, which manifests as a result of common topics arising too frequently and with small expansion. An individual form of saturation happens particularly when a person’s brand struggles to market its content to its users.

Being involved in any of this over-saturation may make your brand seem incapable, irritating or even disorganized. If you don’t offer any topics that are new; you are likely to lose your credibility. On the other hand, if you are that individual who syndicates his/her articles more frequently across your social channels, you are deemed to lose your followers. Always keep yourself as concise and as relevant as much as possible.

3. Poor Relationships

Your relationship offsite at least partially, shows how much authoritative your website is regarded, both from a user and a search engine perspectives. To be much more precise, if all of your links are coming from a single unreliable site, Google will likely flag it as a source that is not trusted, and this could deter you from ever moving up the search rankings’ ladder.

Always prioritize on quality when you are about to reach out to present a new publisher with a guest post. Only create a new relationship if it adds positive effect to the current reputation of yours.

4. Neglected Users

Your content marketing largely depends on how frequently and how well you interact with your users. Even the most insightful, enlightening and a more engaging article still depends on the users’ actions to transfer it to a host of channels and return to have more of it. If a certain user often shares your posts and responds in the comments section occasionally, but never receives an acknowledgment or any response from you, just know that, that particular user might develop a negative perception of your content. You must involve your users at the center of your content campaign if you want it to keep improving. Engage, Acknowledge and always reply to your users as frequently as possible.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that content marketing is an amazing practice, but only if you strive to make it treasured. Come out of your comfort zone and get to know exactly what interests your clients. Do a thorough research on your topics, and present your final piece in an interesting, unique and a digestible manner. In a world where over-saturation has become a common phenomenon, the ultimate way to be successful is working harder than the competition does itself, and stay above the rest. Consider the above useful tips and enhance your content marketing.

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