Issa Asad Reveals 4 Alternative Responses to Customer Feedback

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Issa Asad Reveals 4 Alternative Responses to Customer Feedback

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

In the past, getting customer feedback was a very complex process. Luckily, those days are now gone as getting customer feedback today is easy.

“Customers not only send them via email but also bring you a lot of ideas and suggestions in a bid to help you make your product better,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Unfortunately, most of this great feedback remains in hard drives, which is tragic given the great potential it has. The great suggestions and ideas offered by your customers can only be limited by your own imagination.

Here, Issa Asad Reveals 4 Alternative Responses to Customer Feedback:

1. Create a Product Roadmap

You should heed the feedback that you get from your customers as they are experts when it comes to using your products. They use your products day in day out and there is no way that you will be able to fit in their shoes and come up with their exciting and valuable ideas. Instead of brainstorming on the product roadmap to take, you should follow customer discussions on your products in their forums and take note of their powerful ideas. You will not only appear as a company that listens to its customers but also set you apart from the competition as a business that cares genuinely.

2. Award Customers with Their Feedback

You should work on a way of going the extra mile to award customers who offer valuable feedback. You can either give them a sneak-peek of new things to come from your company. You can also appreciate them in the form of love letters or give them great gifts. You should strive to ensure that you show them that their feedback matters a lot to you and that you really appreciate them and their input. This will ensure that the customers will always hit you up with any stray ideas or suggestions that pop up in their minds.

3. Create a Safe Space for Feedback

There is a whole difference between understanding that your customers adore you and seeing it for yourself. You should come up with a wall of love depicting all that your customers have been saying about your product, service and your brand generally. You should see to it that this wall of love is published online to enable your employees see that their efforts are appreciated and that they change people’s lives.

You can also go a step further and create a document that will contain all these customer testimonials and put it online for all potential customers to see your trustworthiness. The potential customers will also see how much you care about them and their great feedback. You can also create a physical wall of love in your place of work as it is one of the most effective motivational tools that exist. You could also channel the customer feedback via a tool that your employees use regularly to motivate them.

4. Use Feedback for Reviews

One of the greatest ways that you can use customer feedback is making testimonials or references from it. It will not only strengthen your great reputation but also give you an added advantage of being a reference to potential customers in one space. Your customers will also benefit as they will also learn new ways of using your products better and assist you in strengthening your brand further.

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