Issa Asad Says Entrepreneurs Should Follow These 5 Marketing Pros

Issa Asad Marketing Professionals

Issa Asad Says Entrepreneurs Should Follow These 5 Marketing Pros

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Good marketing is as unique as your business. As diverse as each company is in terms of the target group, field of activity, products and services, the various marketing measures will be as diverse as they are. The local painter can and must act differently on the market than a supraregional dealer or international producer.

“In spite of all this, there are offline marketing ideas in our today’s on-line world, which are proven in their effect and promise success,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Here Issa Asad Says Entrepreneurs Should Follow These 5 Marketing Pros:

1. Print campaigns: the classic of offline marketing

Advertisements (series) continue to be an effective means to make something known:

-New Products,

-new business addresses,

-Events for events / trade fairs / specials

-or simply the company as such.

Choose your media for the advertising process, match your target groups and regions with those of the newspapers / magazines and pay attention to the editorial environment. Also advertorial sare often a great way to create trust in a particular product or to spread more detailed information.

2. Discount coupons: sales promotion & success control

Whether in combination with advertisements or as a binding tool for regular customers, discount coupons are always a good means to attract customers to the shops. In addition to the actual increase in sales, discount coupons can be used as a means for success control without great effort, eg when testing the advertising effect in different media.

3. Promotions: Magnets for customers & prospective customers

Action days like have not only strong magnetic effects, they also provide an opportunity to report in the press and thus to get additional attention.

-shopping Sundays,

-Open days or

-Jubilee celebrations

You can think of something special – for example, a Mit-Mach day in the holidays for children or a behind-the-scenes view – and use the publicity for you.

4. Flyers & Brochures: the first impression counts

 Flyers, brochures and image brochures are not only suitable to be used as postal mails in the regional area. These high-quality prints should not be missing in any company in order to be able to take a central position.

Future business partners can get an impression of your company in a compressed form, and also for external salespeople, there are advertising flyers for selected products and services, or image brochures on handcrafts. Pay attention to professional pictures and texts as well as to high-quality products – these prints often give the first impression of your company.

5. Mouth-to-mouth propaganda: small effort, great effect

Do good and talk about it – word-of-mouth propaganda should and should not be underestimated. Build not only on satisfied customers, but also on your employees. In this case, motivation and satisfaction among the employees pays off twice: on the one hand in the performance, on the other in the free positive advertising for your company.

6. Radio: more than just spots

The radio is a marketing tool not only for global players, but also for regional dealers and service providers. Depending on the broadcaster you reach the broad mass or specific target groups – choose your company and your message from the wide range of possibilities.

In addition to the classic spots, winning games or sponsoring also offer opportunities to use broadcasting for their own goals.

7. Fairs: see & be seen

Whether an international fair or regional exhibition – even a small stand can produce effects. Use the special feature of your company to send a clear message to the trade fair visitors. Plan your performance also with regard to the follow-up:

-Create contact sheets,

-collect calls, addresses, orders, contact requests

-and structure your trade fair efficiently.

Time and budget are not enough for a performance of their own – then as a trade fair visitor, or take the chance to be present on forums.


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