Issa Asad Shares 7 Simple Changes to Make 2018 the Happiest Year EVER

Issa Asad New Year Changes

Issa Asad Shares 7 Simple Changes to Make 2018 the Happiest Year EVER

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

If you are reading this then you just made it to 2018. This is an opportunity for you hit restart. There may be no fundamental difference between making a change on 31st December as compared to 1st January but it can be very helpful to use a moment like a new year and catalyze the transitions.

“Most people don’t stick to their new year’s resolution because they are not sustainable,” revealed Issa Asad Florida businessman and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Here, Issa Asad Shares 7 Simple Changes to Make 2018 the Happiest Year EVER:

1. Do exercises more frequently

Exercise will always make you feel better. The release of energy and endorphins that come with exercise are extremely valuable. You have to be consistent for this to be effective. You should find what you need before going to the gym. You can go for workout and run from home multiple times a week.

2. Healthy diet

You need to provide your body with the right nutrients and avoid negative ones. This will make you feel energetic each day. There is no problem having an occasional treat. It will pay off if you concentrate more on eating a healthy diet.

3. Spending more time outside

It has been proven that being outside makes people feel better. Staying outside will help you enjoy nature and spend time in places that you will definitely love and this will help you relax. Things might seem busy but it is easy to integrate the outdoors in your routine. This may involve walking around a park and catching up with a friend rather than reading or getting coffee. You can also decide to read in the backyard instead of reading on the couch.

4. Be more grateful

You can increase your happiness with being grateful. Just remember of how lucky you are and reflect on the positive side of life. This can be very powerful. You can make an effort of writing down the three things you are grateful for everyday.

5. Spending more time with loved ones

You can be happier I you spend more time with the people we love. It is not easy to spend time with people you don’t really enjoy being around. Instead, you can just cut them out of your life and replace them with people who give you energy. This is one of the 7 Simple Changes to Make 2018 the happiest Year Ever.

6. Learn new skills

The more you progress, the happier you become. It can be boring to get caught up in daily routine. You should instead find a skill to pick up this year and this will give you something to work towards. It will help you grow. Skills could include athletic feats, artistic talents or standup comedy.

7. Don’t worry about what other people think

You are taken outside the present moment if you worry about what other people think about you. Thinking about what other people think about you does not help you to accomplish anything productive. You should just do what you want to do and keep out of mind how other people might perceive your actions. There are a lot of amazing people in the word who will love what you do and love you for doing it. This is enough reason to make you avoid worrying about what people think about you.

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