Issa Asad Shares Examples of How Lifeline Saved Lives

Issa Asad Shares Examples of How Lifeline Saved Lives

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

The Lifeline Assistance Program helps an incredible number of low-earning families by of giving them exclusive discounts on landline and wireless phone services. For those individuals or families who scrape to make both ends meet, not attaining admission to this program could suggest living without a phone service. Not having phone service could prove to be very hard or unbearable for them stay connected to relatives in other states or cities, dial for help in case of an emergency, and contacted by hiring companies.

Lifeline has no doubt been of valuable to low-income households and individuals. Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and CEO of Q Link Wireless, an approved provider of the Lifeline Program, gives specific examples to help in understanding how the program has helped people.

Joanne’s Story

During Holiday seasons, Joanne would have lost out on getting in touch with relatives and friends from different parts of the country. But with the Lifeline Program, she can come up with the money for a wireless service that aids her in connecting with relatives from other cities. Getting to connect with just one of them is important to her since she does not see them much. Without Lifeline’s help, Joanne would not have been aware when her friends or family are coming into town. The phone service offered by the program helps her stay connected with them during and after the holidays and even hand out with them person when they are in town.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin knows the difficulties of getting a job minus a phone service. Before subscribing to Lifeline, Kevin didn’t have a contact number to give to potential employers which meant being in the dark about important calls and ongoing job interviews that may be useful to getting employment. Now, leaving a blank phone number field when filling out an application is no longer a option since he owns a phone service and has the self-confidence he needs so as get a job.

Lisa’s Story

Without a reasonably priced phone service, Lisa had trouble connecting with her children and grandkids. This prevented her from talking and keeping up-to-date with their lives which caused her frustration and stress. All that changed from the moment she signed up for affordable Lifeline discounts. Lisa can now afford phone service which she uses to stay in touch and be involved with her children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Her family can also reach here each and every time they want to talk or plan a visit.

Charlene’s Story 

Whenever Charlene’s 16-year-old son and his friends went out, she would be concerned about his condition. Her son has type-1 diabetes, which means he has a high chance of having medical difficulties. Charlene was not able to come up with the money for her son’s wireless service which meant that she did not have a dependable way of staying in touch with him whenever he was not home. But thanks to Lifeline, all that changed as Charlene can now pay for low priced Wireless service. Whenever her son is going out together with his buddies, he has a wireless phone in case anything tragic happens.

Charlene can now stay linked to her son if she is worried about how he is doing or where he was. She is heartily grateful for having a peace of mind since she signed up for the program.

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

All these are only a handful of tales from individuals who have benefited from the phone service offered by Lifeline. The CEO of Q Link Wireless LLC located in Florida, Issa Asad, also recognizes how adequately lifeline can be life-saving. Asad explained that she knew a woman who signed up for Lifeline and said that it helped her saved her son’s life. Her son had had a seizure, and she was able to contact 911 to get immediate medical help. Without Lifeline, the woman would have had to rush to her neighbors homes, of which none of them were present at the time.

Lifeline’s goal is to save lives and keep people from all over the world connected, be it to family, friends, organizations, or medical emergency services.

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