3 Snapchat Marketing Strategies that Work

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Snapchat has gone from being a simple video and photo sharing platform to a powerful marketing tool used by businesses worldwide that want to improve their presence in their niches and get a higher market share. This video and audio sharing app has come a long way since its humble inception in 2011.

Back then, more than 90% of the users were teens and adults who enjoyed sharing a video with their peers. Today, Snapchat has become an invaluable tool for any serious marketer who wants to reach their audience in a creative way.

As a business, affiliate marketer or website owner, you can greatly capitalize on Snapchat and promote your brand to a wider audience. Here are 3 Snapchat marketing strategies that work amazingly well in every niche.

1. Be Quick and Memorable

What really makes Snapchat unique and so successful is that each Snapchat is timed.

Unlike any other multimedia and text messaging platforms, senders can now set a time limit on how long their receivers can view videos and photos. This can last anywhere from one to 10 seconds. Even though this feature makes Snapchat much more engaging and time-saving for users, it means you have a short window of time to capture customers.

Hence, you need to outline the value of your business very quickly, with a simple, easy to understand and memorable call to action.

You can also add promo codes, flash sales or offer something unique. Snapchat marketing is all about creativity, speed and memorable strategies. Think out of the box and you will definitely accomplish great things.

2. Know your Audience

Another extremely good Snapchat strategy that works amazing involves understanding your audience.

You need to realize that this platform is used primarily by the younger generation, so your marketing efforts will be rewarded only if your company caters to younger customers. Use the Snapchat Stories feature to entice your young audience to know you more and get involved into your marketing efforts.

Observe the behavior of your target niche and try to discover what your potential customers really want. For instance, many people choose to take photos or make videos with their vacations, meals or daily activities.

Ideally, select a theme that resonates with your consumers. Do not make a video about OZN’s or spaceships if most of your audience just wants to have fun and spend a day at the beach. Instead, create a video about a perfect day in Hawaii, add some fun stuff and offer something that could help your audience see their dreams come true.

3. Get Personal

Lastly, getting personal is a Snapchat strategy that will never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your audience and show them that you want to establish a personal connection with them.

Snapchat is all about one-on-one interaction, so do not afraid to show your true colors. Tell your business’s story and try to make your potential customers feel special. Humanize your business as much as possible by offering exclusive sales, creating unique events, sharing promotions and offering a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

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