Show Off a New Project

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Show off a new project

On Snapchat, all the content and images you share will only last for a few seconds. So, why not make those seconds count when you are posting new images to your Snaphchat account? Rather than post something common they can see on Facebook or other accounts, you want to post the things that are really unique and are going to revolutionize the new product you are going to produce for your followers. These are three sections from the “Show Off a New Project” chapter of the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Snapchat, that allow you to really show off your company and what you are doing for your followers.

1. Make it unique

You want to show a new product unveiling, or show the developmental stages of a new product that has been in the works for quite some time. Since this will only last for a few seconds, make sure the content you are going to share with your followers is something worthwhile, and is something they are not going to see again anywhere online until the release of the new product.

2. How it is used

You can also use the image or video feature of Snapchat to show the manner in which the product is intended to be used. If you are going to give them a glimpse of what it looks like, why not also give them a look at how it is meant to be put to action once it is released as well? You can do this with your account, and you can share a few distinct images that show how great it is and how it is going to help them in their daily lives at home or around the office at work.

3. Showcase the development

Again, people like to see what went on during the development. Sure, you can show them an image of the finished product, but if they are actually able to see what went in to the building and the hard work it took to put the product together, they are far more likely to appreciate it and are more willing to buy it as well. So, why not show them what it took? From the materials, to the people, to the testing that was done, show them everything and let them see what it took for your business to actually put together the item that you are going to be unveiling to them in the near future.

It is easy to tell people in words how great a new product is going to be; but, if you are working on a new project, why not show your followers how great it is going to be instead? With the video and images, you can far better explain the use and how something is going to look to your followers. So, using Snapchat to share this, and to share the new projects that you have in the works, is a great way to get content out there and to get your followers excited about the new project as well.

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