What is Snapchat?


what is snapchat?What is Snapchat?

If you are new to social media, the question: What is Snapchat? may be a foreign thing to you; in fact, it is one of the newest platforms that are out there for people to share photos and to share short video clips they are going to post to the web. So, what exactly it is, how can you use it and how is it going to work for a business that is trying to reach the masses with the content they share? These are three sections from the What is Snapchat? section of the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Snapchat, that will get you accustomed to Snapchat, and what it can do for your business.

1. What is it?

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you to share images with the general public. It is different than other platforms because the images are only shared for a few seconds after they are posted, and once this time elapses, they are no longer going to be available for people to see on the web. So, it helps to create a sense of urgency when new images are posted for your followers to see on the site.

2. What can you post?

In the early stages, you were able to post images; this allows you to share new products, workers, business partners and so forth. It allows businesses to share fun images for a short span of time. Now, the new feature allows you to share video content as well. A benefit is that rather than a few seconds, the content you do share in this format is going to last for a period of up to 24 hours; this is going to allow for more visibility, and is going to allow more people to get hold of the content that is being shared through this video format means.

3. Create urgency

One of the main benefits of using this site is the fact that it does create a sense of urgency. So, for a brand new product, you can build plenty of hype and get people excited to see it. If they know they can only see it for a short period of time, they are far more likely to log on to their account just so they can get a sneak peak of it, and so they do not miss out on the cool new image or video.

You have to use this properly in order to develop a following and also to ensure you are going to get people excited about the things you are going to post. But, when properly used along with other social media platforms, you are going to be able to reach more and share with more people as well. And, you are going to be able to deliver new content to them on a new platform, in a new format and in a way they may have never been able to see it in the past, if you were on the older social sharing sites out there.



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